Self-post #24


This is the first time I have traveled abroad and not been distracted by my phone. No one’s texts to anticipate isn’t actually all that bad. In fact, I can’t describe it other than liberating.

Sure, I have work to keep me busy for now but I suspect that when I take my few days off and venture into Rome on my own, I will still remain quite happily fixated in this space in time. I realise this will be the first time I will get to experience a city for myself. My gem to hold, no one to share it with. Is this what being single feels like? I never knew it could feel so free.

Short Poem #5


You are not a hopeless case.
You only believe that,
because that is what you tell yourself.
Don’t you see?
What you think, you become.
Therefore repeat after me:
You are not a hopeless case.
You are full of never ending potential.

- S.L.

"Forgive yourself for not being ready–yet. Send compassion to yourself–first. Send love to the place that is so hurt it keeps you from taking one step forward. Sit quietly. Think of the pain you’re feeling. Breathe. Put your hand on your heart and silently say “It’s OK. I love you and I forgive you for being angry, sad, stuck, etc.”. Use whatever words bring you peace. Everytime I do this it releases blocked energy. And I do it a lot. I do it whenever I start to judge or attack myself in any way.

This also works if you’re the person who needs to be forgiven, but you haven’t been, or perhaps never will be. It’s not about condoning poor behavior, it’s about thawing the parts of us that stay frozen in old pain and patterns. While I can’t go back in a time machine or control what other people think, I can be gentle and forgive myself for not having the tools in the past that I have now. I can make space for healing, whether that person thinks I deserve it or not. In some cases, I absolutely wish I could have done things differently. I may not ever have the chance to be forgiven and that might hurt my heart. But luckily, that’s not the end of the story.

When we start from a place of loving ourselves, no matter what, our next step will always be the best one we could have chosen. And that’s enough."

— Kris Carr (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)

"There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood."

— Brad Meltzer (via psych-facts)